Get more information about our sizes right here.  All Tomorrow Never Knows clothing shown in our Online shops are photographed on the same in-store mannequins. 

The Men's mannequin always wears a M (medium) and the Woman's mannequin is a size 8.   Sometimes I might iron our t shirts before photographing them, this is very, very rare.   The tees and hoods are not pinned or shaped, that's why they have floppy sleeves.

Here is a really quick measurement chart for our t shirts.  All measurements are in cm.


Small -47 width x 68 length

Medium- 50 width x 70 length

Large- 53 width x 72 length

Extra Large- 57 width x 74 length


size 8- 41 width x 58 length

size 10- 43 width x 60 length

size 12-  45 width x 62 length

size 14-  48 width x 64 length

Hopefully these quick measurements and knowledge that the shots are taken on the same mannequins, wearing the same sizes, will help with your choices.

If you have any questions on your online order simply  send us email at [email protected]